Vintage replica surfboard from a transitional period 67/68

So this time I set Steve the challenge to make a vintage replica from a transitional period board late 60's where surfers/shapers started chopping their boards down smaller to go faster etc.. with some added weight and then some modern touches of a fin box leash plug and gopro plug in the nose! Well as always he came up with the goods! The shape is exactly what I wanted 8' x 23" x 3 1/4" fully rolled with a single fin and almost no rocker! The green is all metal flake and was a great idea until I said put it all in so it ended up a bit patchy but when it catches the light looks amazing you have to see it in the flesh!! Custom fin to top it off I'm stoked and can't wait to try it!
New Logo which is now available at an extra 10 Please ask if you want this one when ordering.